I’m Anna Evans, an oil engineer graduated more than 5 years ago, with experience in the oil field and always fighting for the environment to avoid at all costs that people continue damaging and deteriorating it.

So, I’m always thinking about how to change the method of extraction to make everything in the most positive way for the environment and with the least possible consequences.

Since I started in this field, I have seen how oil is extracted from the deepest part of the earth to the surface, using mechanisms that are very harmful to the environment. That makes the extraction of oil, one of the greatest pollutants in the world, causing real damage to the planet and the ozone layer that protects it.

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Many times the method used is not something that can be improved, so experts are still researching to get a process that is just as effective as normal, being able to extract the same amount and with less contamination.

Everyone is working and taking in consideration different ways to achieve that, because thanks to this the oil industry would be revolutionized to the maximum and it would also avoid a lot of pollution and environmental damage.

Since I was little, I have always been interested in the environment and in everything that is related to that, I love animals and outdoor walks, I also like the beach and the mountains. I love everything that has to do with the ecosystem and that is why I am so worried that what I love can be affected by the exploitation of oil, this motivates me to study the processes used to extract it and to think about how to create a new one.

A team of engineers are looking for different options to present to large companies to test them and see if they have the same extraction capacity as conventional processes. We have done this for approximately 4 years, which means that we already have enough time in this and that is the reason why companies recognize us and know all about our movement.

Thanks to all this we have met people who think the same as us, who are willing to join our project and our change, which makes us a solid foundation, since we have support for everything we want to do and what can be done soon.