Collaborate with Me

If you are a person who is interested in the environment just like me, or if you are an oil engineer and have some notes to share, you can do it here on my blog without any problem. I have an open section in which our readers can write content related to the theme of the blog.

All this is done so that anyone who visits the blog can read your information too. Of course, with a prior authorization and a review of the content that you want to publish, in order to avoid unwanted or inappropriate things and make positive the whole atmosphere of the blog.

Collaborate with Me - Collaborate with Me

Everything we do, is in the search for people who really know about the subject and feel the same passion and the need to get a different way of extracting oil that is less harmful and that can also extract the resource through a good system.

If you are interested in doing any collaboration, you can write to me without any problem to any of the contact details you can find throughout the blog. Once you’ve made contact, we can talk a little about what you want to publish and see if it is something that should be on the blog or not.