Clean Fuels in Delhi Whats the Big Deal - Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

The content of the EPCA that was delivered in 2001 says that it is not possible to specify that the fuel is clean and that it does not cause contamination.

However, it managed to define a specific category of fuels called environmentally acceptable fuels, which would be specially used in highly polluted areas like India’s cities, as well as other countries that need it, thus fostering a change in these practically polluted cities for a long time.

It is also important to note that the authorities formally made a distinction between the fuel standards and the emission standards required for those cities that are considered hot spots or extremely contaminated areas.

It was said, for example, that Delhi is in an area of hot spots of air pollution and will no doubt require special approaches to cope with the pollution of all the air, which in return would pleasantly help all its inhabitants and maintain great public health and sanitation.

After an extended period of time the authorities examined different types of fuels and technologies, for the total control of available emissions and to reach a group of alternative fuels that are environmentally acceptable.

propane - Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

Currently, LCNG, LPG and propane could be considered as environmentally acceptable fuels according to the statutes the investigations carried out by the state’s superior control agencies. A message was sent especially to the city of Delhi to avoid pollution across the city.

That is when it comes to the conclusion of the current gasoline supplied to Delhi, which contains no lead and just a trace of benzene.

But in order to be called “acceptable” for the environment, it would be very necessary to use certain types of advanced catalytic converters to treat the highly polluting gases in the city and also, of course, to ensure that they do not create an adulteration of the components and further reduce the pollutants such as Sulphur, aromatics, and olefins.

Of course, this attempt also presented a plan of action to implement a court in order to convert commercial vehicles into carriers of environmental fuels. This was the most important and needed change just because of the results from a bad administration, that is why different agencies were appointed with the goal of ensuring the complete and effective implementation of this whole program.

There is no way to eradicate pollution through these methods, but there has been a decrease in it thanks to the different groups tasked to keep the city of Delhi fairly pollution free. It would only be a great addition on the part of the other countries to implement these measures to reduce global pollution.

Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

Currently, in the world of oil, there are certain companies that have left their mark for future generations, but as hard as they try none of them, has been able to compare to Shell or Exxon, because they have been the most recognized worldwide and seen as pioneers. This brings consequences though, and it is the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels that harm the environment.

What Does the Media Say?

What Does the Media Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

A Dutch advertising newspaper has condemned Shell and Exxon on Tuesday on their claim that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available today, a statement that was published in an ad.

But unfortunately for these companies, it is the second time the Dutch Advertising Standards Council has fought the fuel industry, after it also slapped Statoil for saying that gas is a low-emission fuel in all others scenarios.

What Do the Experts Say?

What Do the Experts Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

According to experts in the field, they say that this is a clear decision of the board of Advertising standards, as we often see how oil companies deceive people with false news. They also say that companies want to make the world believe that gas is clean, but the reality is that to prevent the climate change that would do so much damage to us every year, we would need to put aside our dependence on all fossil fuels, including gas.

What Does the Government Say?

What Does the Government Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

As you can see on a daily basis, the issue is very debatable for many media outlets and in addition, a proposal is being made in Trump’s administration that gas is described as a “clean technology” at a G20 summit in July, something that many people find catastrophic.

Finally, the United States made its position clear after they read their final statement, inserting text in the document saying that they would help certain countries to access and use fossil fuels more efficiently and cleanly.

Still, many legislators today believe that gas is a bridge for a future with renewable energies, although it has also been described on several occasions as a low-carbon energy source, which means that there are about 100 million dollars available for research on that basis.

Natural gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as coal when it burns, but in reality, this is still far greater than that of other renewable energies.

What Does Biology Say?

What Does Biology Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

But the picture is less clear when it also includes methane, which according to statistics from a recent study revealed that it was emitted by gas plants at levels up to 120 times higher than those reported to US regulators.

As per the decision of the majority of the Dutch Advertising Code Authority, they decreed that to say that it is the cleanest fossil fuel in the world does not conform to the laws corresponding to the code established by the law of publicity.

Finally, we must see all the positions about this situation and draw a concrete conclusion. Millions of people are in favor of one thing and millions are in favor of others, we have to reach an agreement among citizens around the world to get a situation like this resolved and reach consensus.