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Meter Proving & Meter Testing: The Subtle Differences

Meter proving and meter testing are very different. This is why.

Meter proving whenever a meter prover samples and confirms the consistency of a meter regardless of whether digital (aka SMART) or analog, each meter is different though, because of this where meter proving is carried out one could expect a variety of outcomes whilst making use of various ways of testing. For example a propane gas meter prover tests the correctness of the propane meter. Numerous meter provers choose to test their received data with a preset array as laid out inside of his or her guides.

According to Harvest, a Peace River chemical cleaning company in Alberta, meter proving is a science. A battle of keeping current and accurate against your competitors.

Meter proving is the method for determining a correction issue (i.e. a meter factor) to modify the measured numbers for errors as a result of setup and working points. Meter proving is carried out by checking the service meter to a certified prover (dynamic or tank prover, master meter) that is trackable to a national meteorology institute along the lines of NIST. Among the many popular sorts of proving is actually for fluid hydrocarbon and this is especially the situation within pipelines carrying the gas.

“Special prover connectivity are necessary right at the metering station enabling parallel measuring of the liquid in the two devices.” states Jeff, an energy management consultant with QuotEnergy.

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As early as the early 1900s, bell provers are generally the most common reference standard used in gas meter proving, and has provided standards for the gas trade that’s unfortunately sensitive to many incomputable issues.

Gas provers test gas meters and they are without doubt the majority of meters out there. Provers are commonly utilized in gas meter maintenance institutions, domestic gas meter shops, and public works shops. The system in which meter calibration in Grande Prairie analyze the correctness of a meter is through driving air through and after that analyzing those outcomes to the meter’s own inner displacement. The prover then presents a proof, a rate conveyed as a percent which compares the quantity of air passed with the volume of air calculated to identify the meters precision.

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A bell prover generally consists of the vertical inner reservoir encompassed by an outer shell. A space involving the inner tank and outside shell is filled with a sealing liquid which is normally oil. An upside down reservoir, called the bell, is set over the inner tank to make a fluid seal. Bell provers are frequently counter-weighted to give positive pressure level through a hose and valve connected to a meter. We often see rollers for the bell that allows for soft linear movement without having the threat of ruining the stress produced by the bell seal shifting.

With this really technical area one might not expect errors nevertheless it interestingly isn’t really all that unusual. Temperature inconsistencies between the bell air, meter and connected pipes might be the cause of most meter proof errors. There are a laundry list of things to go wrong that need to be regarded like human error and hardware issues.

“Meter testing” in natural gas orifice measuring frequently involves a visible examination of the equipment for leaking or installation deficiencies; inspecting the orifice plate; and, when necessary, calibrate the temperatures, static pressure level, and differential pressure level sensors. There are certainly numerous different methods of testing including gas quality, ultimately meter testing never compares measurements/data to a primary reference device. One exception to this rule nevertheless is the seldom made use of orifice meter testing which does command referencing primary devices versus the field data acquired from field provers.

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So there you have it, this is just how meter testing is accomplished and the subtleties of the work involved by meter provers in the field and inside computerized components.


Meter proving takes place when a prover tests and confirms the quality of a meter irrespective of whether computerized (aka SMART) or analog Every single meter is different nonetheless, for this reason whenever meter proving is completed you could expect various outcome whilst making use of various techniques of examination.. Basically, it is a gas meter prover for gas meters.. Numerous meter provers prefer to assess their results up against a set range as shown inside their guides..

The terms “meter proving” and “meter testing” are often made use of interchangeably, however, for the record, the difference amongst proving and testing a meter is actually substantial and important to understand.

When an experienced professional is validating the correctness of the meter this is what’s called meter proving. Factors like determining the ideal volume of disbursement to the meter results itself. After the data has been collected from the meter proving professional, he/she then contrasts that data to domestic meteorology data widely available through institutions like the National Institute for Standards and technologies. Among the more popular types of proving is actually for liquid hydrocarbon and this is really the situation in pipelines transporting the gas. Specialized prover connections are necessary for the metering station allowing parallel measurement of the fluid in both the devices.

Although meter testing has been available for more than 100 years the exact same standard prevails nowadays as it did in the past. This makes testing thru this method is vulnerable to numerous different variations and insecurities.

And then there are now the more widespread gas meter proving professional who checks and confirms gas meters.The many uses of gas provers would be those from municipalities and public works.The procedures through which meter proving specialists sample the accuracy of a meter simply by driving air through then contrasting those outcome to the meter’s own inner displacement. Subsequently the prover examines the percent of air transferred through the meter employing the air determined according to the meter itself.

A bell prover generally consists of the upright inner reservoir encompassed by an outside layer. There’s two layers and while the outside layer is typically filled up with oil, the interior layer is called the bell. The fluid is there to act as a air-tight seal for testing. Bell provers are ordinarily counterweighted to supply positive pressure level through a hose and valve linked to a meter. We frequently see casters on the bell that enables soft linear movement without danger of jeopardizing the pressure produced by the bell seal moving.

Bells provide a quantity of air which has been preset by calculated temperatures, pressure level also, the effective diameter of the bell. This is the thing, bell scales are created for a specific bell and cannot be put on Some other. anytime proving a meter operating a manually managed bell, an operator have to first off fill the bell with a controlled air source or increase it manually by cracking open a valve and tugging a chained mechanism, seal the bell and meter and examine the sealed system for leakages, determine the flow rate needed for the meter, apply a specific flow-rate cap on the meter outlet, observe the starting off points of equally the bell scale and meter index, release the bell valve to move air through the meter, observe the meter index and evaluate the time it takes to move the fixed volume of air, then manually evaluate the meter’s proof accounting system for bell air and meter temperatures and in some instances Some other environmental facets.

technologies has advanced a great deal now, with the invention of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), repair shops can possibly automate the bell proving process. This is realized via computerized techniques of raising and lowering the bell prover. Temperature, pressure, and dampness sensors could be utilized to feed data into an computerized bell PLC, and calculations for meter proofs could be handled by a computer or electronic device developed for such a function. In the early 1990s, the PLC was swapped by PACs (Programmable Automated Controls) and modern computer systems. Later on detectors had been incorporated that evolved automation further and getting rid of a significant proportion of the “human factor” during testing.

As you could possibly gather from this document, meter testing/proving is a highly complex procedure based on many variables.

Energy Service Companies in a Post-COVID World

The introduction of the energy service company in the 80s has-been nothing short of a wild surge to the top as it pertains to demand. The beginning of the energy solutions company can be attributed to the energy crisis of the late 1970s, as business people developed methods to counteract the increase in energy rates. An ESCO is a company that provides extensive energy solutions for its clients, like auditing, redesigning and applying adjustments to the ways the customer consumes energy, the primary end goal being improved efficiency.

It has become crystal clear that the new norm post coronavirus is driving firms to assess their business models and readjust consequently. Achievements in technologies have contributed to the industry’s evolution as a whole.

Energy services companies are fundamentally distinct from consulting engineers and equipment contractors: the former are generally paid for their recommendations, whereas the latter are paid for the products. Throughout the 1990’s we got a rise of private energy service companies due largely to deregulation and the rising price of energy. At the present time we are witness to almost certainly the largest deregulating governments the U.S.A. has ever experienced which is only getting better with recent statements from the Trump Administration made in Texas this past week.

earth day - Energy Service Companies in a Post-COVID World

In 2006 the trade group NAESCO said energy service providers grew by 22% and stated $2.6 billion in revenues marking an important moment for ESCOs throughout the United States. In Canada the popularity of energy services companies also expanded significantly primarily in the oil abundant province of Alberta.

There is certainly a number of varieties of the types of providers supplied by energy service companies. Some may include sustainable energy, commissioning and start-up, ecological site assessments, fuel flare vent and much more. Nevertheless why bore (no pun intended) you with the particulars of them all.

One of the more popular energy service is the one of energy management. Energy management consultants are progressively more prevalent as energy prices climb. For energy managers or consultants as they are also called, the main focus is definitely to save their customer in the energy expense department. Creating a base line before starting on any energy cost savings effort is a crucial factor to any energy management firm. This produces a routine of active energy consumption which sets out to identify reference points so the energy management consultant can display any future cost savings. The rewards of working directly with top company administrators is that when a determination must be made its made immediately. For this reason energy consultants work alongside and report to, business officers. The importance of the working relationship among the energy consultant and the organizations management can not be understated given throughout any energy review it’s vital to have management conveniently available.

Energy solutions providers encompass a wide array of different service and products. As to be expected across much of the world, coronavirus has forced the industry to rediscover itself and therefore we are now seeing many organizations adapt to this “new normal”.

Chief Operating Officer of Sunstar Energy service Arnold Leckington had this to say on The Energy Report, a Canadian energy news site.

ESCOs many times use performance contracting, signifying that if the endeavor doesn’t provide ROI, the energy services company is responsible to pay the difference, therefore assuring their clients of the energy and cost cost savings.

“What the future holds post coronavirus is anyones guess however we’ll endure like always by adjusting to what everybody is calling the new norm.”

Switch off your lights - Energy Service Companies in a Post-COVID World
Energy Savings

One factor energy providers have to contend with is government ordinances and keep up-to-date with the ever changing rules and guidelines they have to comply with. They are experienced in streamlining and simplifying the whole project to ensure optimal proficiency and energy cost savings.

Ahead of COVID19 we’d already started to see utility organizations start to reinvent themselves and make themselves more pertinent by grouping solutions you may not of previous thought they could offer. Services like internet providers now offering bundles with TV and home phone on top of the internet service. That is already the case in much of Canada and the USA now. Basically as this happens, energy providers transform into energy service firms offering a specific range of services versus concentrating on simply providing it. Proof in point is Sheridan from Harvest and how he views the market change.

“We were lucky in the business of mobile boiler rentals, we actually saw a massive increase in demand but then again our regular high season runs through the winter months.”

You’re likely wondering that if this really is developing then wouldn’t that make independent energy service companies obsolete? If there’s any takeaway from reading this is that energy services companies are going to be with us for the foreseeable future and adapting to anything that the world brings its way.

energyservices - Energy Service Providers 2020

Energy Service Providers 2020

From the early 90’s we’ve experienced the emergence of energy service providers. Energy service firms cover a thorough range of energy industry service. The top mission of every ESCO is to always provide sizeable savings in energy rates by providing energy audits and analysis and effectively making processes more efficient relating to energy costs.

As the world emerges from the gripes of the coronavirus we’re watching the progress of the energy service company. Innovation has a major part in the energy vertical and because of this energy services company (ESCOs) have adjusted to service this now technically progressed sector.

Energy services companies are fundamentally distinct from consulting engineers and equipment contractors: the former are generally paid for their tips and advice, while the latter are paid for the hardware. All through the ’90s we saw a upsurge of independent energy service providers due largely to deregulation and the increasing cost of oil and gas. Three years in to the Trump presidential term we’ve seen a substantive wholesale deregulation in the energy sector which demonstrably benefits energy service providers.

In 2006 the trade group NAESCO stated energy service providers expanded by 22% and boasted $2.6 billion in revenue marking a paramount moment for energy services companies throughout the United States. In Canada the popularity of ESCOs also expanded dramatically largely in the oil rich province of Alberta.

Each ESCO varies in their own technological expertises whereas others address the entire spectrum of service which includes oilfield rentals, meter testing, turnarounds and shutdowns are a few of them. Nonetheless why bore (no pun intended) you with the details of them all.

Among the more popular energy services is the one of energy management. Energy management consultants are significantly more frequent as energy prices increase. Energy consulting firms totally focus on one thing…spending less by streamlining process from an energy expenditure point of view. These service providers start with carrying out what is called a base line of preliminary energy assessment. Energy consultants have a defined start point which is always to execute a full and thorough energy audit to be later used as a measurement of future energy savings. The pluses of working closely with top company directors is that when a determination is required to be made its made right away. For this reason energy consultants work along side and are accountable to, company administrators. The importance of the close working relationship between the energy consultants and the organizations top executives cannot be downplayed given in any energy audit it’s important to have management promptly available.

Of the plethora of different service providers available, some may include shutdown service providers, new plant fabrication, fuel flare venting, well service providers and chemical clean-up to name a few. As to be expected across much of the world, coronavirus has forced the industry to rediscover itself and therefore we are now seeing many companies adapt to this “new normal”.

We spoke with Max Tacy, an operations executive with Lightspeed Energy providers and here’s what he had to say.

“Fantastic to talk to you today so thank you for permitting me to explain. Frankly we see things a little different than some by seizing this moment to reconsider how this disease will impede our work environment and transforming what we can to keep our staff risk-free while keeping productive.”

Max Tacy

Energy services companies normally use performance contracting, signifying that if the undertaking doesn’t deliver returns on the investment, the energy service company is accountable to pay the difference, thus assuring their customers of the energy and cost savings.

energyservices 1024x599 - Energy Service Providers 2020

One detail energy organizations have to contend with is government regulations and keep abreast of the constantly changing rules and guidelines they must adhere to. The underlying end goal for anyone in the energy service providers company is generally to always attempt to save their clients, in some form or another, with lower energy spending. Now this could mean merely making existing systems more cost-effective.

It is without doubt that we will be seeing a transformation, or a progression per se, of energy utility providers whereas instead of selling just electricity or gas, utilities companies will begin to sell bundled service providers, which might include service providers utilities have not thought about before, service facilitated by smart meters and smart home technology, like home safety, for instance, or monitoring senior citizens. In Canada and the US this transformation has already began with major utility providers bundling their service and coupling them with reduced rates, in order to encourage people and businesses to trust them with their energy service needs. From a solely economic/company understanding this union of utility company and service company is genius.

Now I know what you are thinking. Doesn’t this make energy solutions organizations go the way of the dinosaur? Nope. Think of this like the battle of the Titans whereas the big utility organizations are the ones who will battle for the energy consumer dough. There are a number of different service providers encompassed by the term energy providers company. Many, if not most, all relate to laborers working with industrial services like those in the oilfields. Lastly, you should note that energy services is a thriving company that involves a variety of different job specific providers regardless of whether in the oilfields or on the rig.

Clean Fuels in Delhi Whats the Big Deal - Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

The content of the EPCA that was delivered in 2001 says that it is not possible to specify that the fuel is clean and that it does not cause contamination.

However, it managed to define a specific category of fuels called environmentally acceptable fuels, which would be specially used in highly polluted areas like India’s cities, as well as other countries that need it, thus fostering a change in these practically polluted cities for a long time.

It is also important to note that the authorities formally made a distinction between the fuel standards and the emission standards required for those cities that are considered hot spots or extremely contaminated areas.

It was said, for example, that Delhi is in an area of hot spots of air pollution and will no doubt require special approaches to cope with the pollution of all the air, which in return would pleasantly help all its inhabitants and maintain great public health and sanitation.

After an extended period of time the authorities examined different types of fuels and technologies, for the total control of available emissions and to reach a group of alternative fuels that are environmentally acceptable.

propane - Clean Fuels in Delhi – What’s the Big Deal?

Currently, LCNG, LPG and propane could be considered as environmentally acceptable fuels according to the statutes the investigations carried out by the state’s superior control agencies. A message was sent especially to the city of Delhi to avoid pollution across the city.

That is when it comes to the conclusion of the current gasoline supplied to Delhi, which contains no lead and just a trace of benzene.

But in order to be called “acceptable” for the environment, it would be very necessary to use certain types of advanced catalytic converters to treat the highly polluting gases in the city and also, of course, to ensure that they do not create an adulteration of the components and further reduce the pollutants such as Sulphur, aromatics, and olefins.

Of course, this attempt also presented a plan of action to implement a court in order to convert commercial vehicles into carriers of environmental fuels. This was the most important and needed change just because of the results from a bad administration, that is why different agencies were appointed with the goal of ensuring the complete and effective implementation of this whole program.

There is no way to eradicate pollution through these methods, but there has been a decrease in it thanks to the different groups tasked to keep the city of Delhi fairly pollution free. It would only be a great addition on the part of the other countries to implement these measures to reduce global pollution.

Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

Currently, in the world of oil, there are certain companies that have left their mark for future generations, but as hard as they try none of them, has been able to compare to Shell or Exxon, because they have been the most recognized worldwide and seen as pioneers. This brings consequences though, and it is the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels that harm the environment.

What Does the Media Say?

What Does the Media Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

A Dutch advertising newspaper has condemned Shell and Exxon on Tuesday on their claim that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available today, a statement that was published in an ad.

But unfortunately for these companies, it is the second time the Dutch Advertising Standards Council has fought the fuel industry, after it also slapped Statoil for saying that gas is a low-emission fuel in all others scenarios.

What Do the Experts Say?

What Do the Experts Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

According to experts in the field, they say that this is a clear decision of the board of Advertising standards, as we often see how oil companies deceive people with false news. They also say that companies want to make the world believe that gas is clean, but the reality is that to prevent the climate change that would do so much damage to us every year, we would need to put aside our dependence on all fossil fuels, including gas.

What Does the Government Say?

What Does the Government Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

As you can see on a daily basis, the issue is very debatable for many media outlets and in addition, a proposal is being made in Trump’s administration that gas is described as a “clean technology” at a G20 summit in July, something that many people find catastrophic.

Finally, the United States made its position clear after they read their final statement, inserting text in the document saying that they would help certain countries to access and use fossil fuels more efficiently and cleanly.

Still, many legislators today believe that gas is a bridge for a future with renewable energies, although it has also been described on several occasions as a low-carbon energy source, which means that there are about 100 million dollars available for research on that basis.

Natural gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as coal when it burns, but in reality, this is still far greater than that of other renewable energies.

What Does Biology Say?

What Does Biology Say - Shell and Exxon Will Be Censured Due to Ad Claims

But the picture is less clear when it also includes methane, which according to statistics from a recent study revealed that it was emitted by gas plants at levels up to 120 times higher than those reported to US regulators.

As per the decision of the majority of the Dutch Advertising Code Authority, they decreed that to say that it is the cleanest fossil fuel in the world does not conform to the laws corresponding to the code established by the law of publicity.

Finally, we must see all the positions about this situation and draw a concrete conclusion. Millions of people are in favor of one thing and millions are in favor of others, we have to reach an agreement among citizens around the world to get a situation like this resolved and reach consensus.